The following list of supporters help keep ZEN commuter expenses paid, but only when listeners support them.  Below you will find a list of sponsors that donate to the show when                    you purchase from them.  The great news is, there are many great offers for ZEN commuter listeners only.  The sponsors of the show fit in to one of three different categories:

  • Their products help you live a better life, a calmer life.
  • The products they produce and/or sell help, make the world a better place.
  • Products that help you and the world

Once the cost of the show is being covered by the generous pledges of listeners on Patreon, the who will no longer need to have corporate sponsorship.  Until then, you can support the podcast by purchasing great products from our vendors or making a monthly donation to Patreon.  Whatever you choose, thank you for understanding the value that the show provides and donating accordingly. 

*Please note that the links on this page are affiliate links.  When you purchase from these providers, a small portion comes back to support the show.

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Eight Smart Mattress and Sleep Systems - A cozy and comfortable mattress paired with an intelligent sensor cover that measures the quality of your sleep and delivers a daily sleep report, warms the bed and turns on your wi-fi enabled coffee maker and other smart home products.  They also sell smart sheets fit your current mattress to do the same thing, and pillows that are just as smart. 








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Love With Food - Start exploring healthy snacks, without chemicals, artificial sweeteners or trans fats.





Spire Activity Tracker - Get the world's first and only activity tracker that helps you decrease your level of stress.  New hassle-free fitness trackers for your clothes are out just in time for the holidays.

Strength.com Sports and Nutritional Supplements - 

Sun Basket Meal Delivery - Now you can create healthy meals in under 30 minutes without measuring or slicing.  Get $35 dollars off your first order today! Exclusively for ZEN commuter listeners.

Faucet Face Reusable Glass Bottles - It's time to stop mindlessly throwing cases of bottled water into your shopping cart.  Get a reusable sturdy glass Faucet Face bottle that eliminates the need for wasteful plastic.  Stainless steel bottles also available.

Focus@Will - The online music streaming service designed to help you increase your level of focus. Get two weeks free!

Warby Parker Designer Eyeglasses - Inexpensive prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses starting at $95.00.  Try on 5 pairs in your home for free.

Love Goodly - Health and beauty products that are all natural.  No more toxic chemicals on your skin. A portion of the proceeds go to fight cancer.

Amazon.com - When you shop Amazon using this link, a portion of what you spend comes back to the show.

Onnit Fitness and Nutrition - Human optimization.  Onnit is dedicated to helping you become the best healthiest, most fit, individual you know.  Their cutting edge supplements and cool as heck fitness equipment, give you the energy, focus and tools to reach your fitness goals.

Thrive Market - Thrive Market is the only online market dedicated to providing you with the healthiest foods available at 25 - 50 % off.  Sign up today!

Audible - Now you can get two free audiobook downloads from the best-selling name in audiobooks.

Arbonne Nutritional Supplements - It's time to feel your best, free of chemicals, preservatives and artificial sweeteners.  Take the 30 Day Arbonne Challenge and start feeling leaner and healthier today!

Aweber - Entrepreneurs and solopreneurs who need an email service that helps them keep in contact with their followers, don't have to look any further.  Aweber provides dragand drop email templates and a variety of tracking options to help you optimize your communication with your tribe.

Bluehost - It is has never been more inexpensive and easier to get your web site up and hosted.  Blue Host provides the best domain and hosting options for your online presence. 

Stash Teas - Nothing says relaxing like a nice hot cup of tea.  Stash teas is the place to go for the best teas for a variety of moods.