The Vision of ZEN commuter

Mission: Teach 1,000,000+ People how to Meditate


That’s not my goal; it’s my way of helping the world heal.  


As a meditation teacher and host of the global ZEN commuter Meditation Podcast I have taught meditation to thousands of people wanting to live a calmer, fuller life.  

I began my meditation practice back in 1980, when I was eighteen years old, and at 53 now (go ahead, do the math, lol) I consider it to be the most impactful skill I have learned in my life.  It still keeps me centered all these years later, and it will do the same for you as well.

That’s where I started.

Through the years, and up to now, I have kept my meditation practice alive, practicing over 5,000 hours.  In between those times I have interviewed noted meditation thought leaders on my podcast, ZEN commuter and studied extensively on a variety of meditation practices.  I have devoted my life to helping people becoming calmer and more purposeful through a mindfulness practice.


Because it is the only way to change the world. 

When you are stressed and feeling isolated, you aren’t living your life, because you are too busy responding to the world around you.

Multiply that times 8 billion people on the planet and you have a world that doesn’t know peace.  You have a world that is fearful, intolerant and aggressive.  My goal is to teach meditation to 1,000,000 people and help as many people as possible, understand their power, their ability to create their life; and it's not a power to dominate others.  It's a personal power that helps everyone understand they have meaning and purpose in the world.

All this and more, happens when you meditate.  Of course you become calmer, but the more you practice (daily is optimal), the more you begin to feel connected.  You feel connected to every one and every living thing.  The need to fight is lessened, if not extinguished. 

With the stillness of meditation you begin to understand who you are, and what has meaning for you.  With that peace and understanding, you finally begin to live your life, your purposeful life.




Thom Walters
Founder, ZEN commuter