Corporate Meditation Programs

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Each year, companies lose millions of dollars due to job related stress.  This is evidenced in employee absenteeism and reduced productivity and creativity, with the greatest loss coming from high job turnover. 

Professionals in the workplace who hold a daily meditation practice are able to get more done, with less effort, than their non-meditating peers.  With a decreased level of stress, these professionals create a calmer, more collaborative work environment.  On an individual level, meditators experience greater levels of productivity, increased focus and enhanced creativity. 

The health benefits of meditation for a company are extensive as well.  Employees who meditate are less likely to become sick, since meditation increases immune response.  Absenteeism due to sickness is decreased, allowing for a more productive workforce.

Most of all, employees who meditate, experience less stress and therefore are happier and calmer.  These employees express more job satisfaction, which leads to a decrease in employee turnover. When employees are happier, they feel more valued and connected to their company, which leads to increased profits and productivity.  


Thom Walters has been instructing individuals and groups in meditation for over thirty years.  In the past three years he has reached and instructed thousands of individuals worldwide, both through his blogs and his Successful meditation podcast, ZEN commuter

There are a variety of plans that allow interested participants to experience the benefits of a workplace meditation program.  Each of the program options can be tailored to suit the needs of your business. 

Please email Thom directly if you are interested in developing a program for your company. Or simply click the button below to begin a dialogue discussing how your company can benefit from a mindfulness program.



Thom comes to your business to put on a 60-minute Introduction to Meditation Talk, which includes:

  • The benefits of meditation for the employee and the company
  • An overview of meditation. 
    • How it creates relaxation in the body; the physiological processes.
    • Dispelling the misperceptions that stop people from practicing 
    • Overview of the health benefits, backed up with evidence-based research. 
    • How to learn the process. 
  • Instruction in diaphragmatic breathing to allow participants to experience the benefits of meditation right away.  

Cost: $350



Thom will come to your site and deliver a 60-minute Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation Talk (see above) along with the full Mindfulness Meditation Course.  The course consists of 4 sessions, each with a length of 2 hours.  Sessions will occur over four consecutive days.

The course fee is determined by the number of participants attending:

1 student @ $2,000 each

2 students @ $1,625 each

3 students @ $1,250 each

4 students @ $875 each

5 students @ $650 each

6 to 9 students @ $500 each


The Course Fee Includes:

  • 60 minute Introductory Meditation talk
  • On site Instruction consisting of 4 two hour sessions
  • Individual Skype calls with participants to answer questions
  • Email access to Thom
  • On-site follow up sessions up to an hour, scheduled quarterly, to address student questions
  • Free admittance to group events (meditations, talks, etc.)



Thom comes on-site for a full week and teaches as many course participants as would like to learn by offering as many sessions per day as needed. This option is the best choice for larger companies who want to develop a wellness program based on Mindfulness Meditation.

For a sample schedule of how the course would be laid out, simply email Thom

Participants in the course are required to attend the Introductory Talk Session and then each of the four sessions in succession (Course knowledge is sequential).  Students may attend sessions at different times of the day on consecutive days.  Make up sessions are available and will be scheduled if needed.  


The Course Fee Includes:

  • On site Instruction
  • Quarterly follow up sessions for a year
  • Lifetime access to group meditations and live events presented by Thom
  • Unlimited Email access to Thom
  • On-site follow up sessions up to an hour, scheduled quarterly, to address student questions


Cost: $10,000 for up to 20 participants. $400 for each additional participant.