The Vision of ZEN commuter

Peace through meditation


When everyone understands their ability to create their lives in a peaceful manner, the world will begin to know peace.  The best way for people to understand their power is through meditation and individual spirituality.

When ZEN commuter started in 2014, the goal was much simpler, get people to work without them stressing out.  It came about because I was one of those people in gridlocked traffic wondering what the heck was going on.  I had never had a commute before because my places of employment were in the same town as I was.  But then I got a job 20 miles down the road; 20 miles and a sea of stopped cars. I figured that if a relatively mellow guy such as myself was feeling tense then many others were too.  I decided then to produce a podcast that would help commuters arrive at their destinations in a calmer space.

Originally I focused on personal development and helping drivers retool their thinking to see the world in a more peaceful way.  As a personal trainer, I also focused on health and nutrition. Originally it was just me, but then I reached out to other thought leaders to share their stories of navigating through life in an easier way.

My goal has stayed the same through the years; helping listers become calmer, wiser and happier, just like the opening of the show suggests, but now that goal is achieved by focusing on one thing, meditation.  Having practiced and taught meditation for over 25 years, I now wish to help the world experience peace by teaching the practice of meditation to as many people as possible.  

The goal of ZEN commuter has always been calm and purposeful living, but now it's not only on the road, it's on the planet.  I invite you to use the resources of this site to help you find your way to a calmer, more satisfying life.



Thom Walters
Founder, ZEN commuter

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