750: Lack of Sleep is Making You Larger and Unhealthier, Let's fix that.

I went to the doctor for my annual checkup and he said everything was absolutely perfect except for my fasting blood sugar.  He said it was a little high but it would go back to the range it needed to be if I lost roughly ten pounds.  I was thinking I wanted to do the same thing, get leaner.  So I have been eating like a champ and have already lost 2 pounds.  The biggest reason I have been able to determine is sleeping at least 7 hours a night.  Today I am going to talk about exactly why that is and how to make sure you are getting what you need as well.

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749: The Invisible Ingredients in Overcoming Adversity: Faith and Hope

All this week I have talked about very practical ways about dealing with hardships, from mental toughness, to the story of Helen Keller.  I even talked about how to proactively get ready for difficulties.  But today I want to talk about some equally important elements for overcoming that are less talked about, mainly because they are invisible.  However, just because they are invisible doesn't mean they lack power.  Today I talk about increasing your hope and faith.

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748: 5 Powerful Exercises to Increase Mental Toughness by Amy Morin

This week I am focusing on ways to overcome adversity, and it seems I have not relayed the most important thing about it; you have the ability to get through tough times.

Everyone has the ability to become stronger, mentally tough.  Today I am going to read a great blog post by one of my former guests, Amy Morin, who definitely knows about mental toughness.

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747: 10 Ways to Triumph Over Adversity

Yesterday I talked about the challenges that Helen Keller faced growing up and what she became despite those challenges.  There are hundreds of people throughout history who have persevered and gone on to become successful/happy.

That list is about to become longer since you are going to be added to it.  Yup.  In this episode I am going to teach you how to overcome adversity. 

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746: Overcoming Odds and Changing the World

We all have faced challenges in our lives.  We should hope to.  We grow when we are faced with adversity.  How many times have you been tested and triumphed when you are either on a vacation at the beach or at work with everything going perfectly.  Never, right?  You find out what you are made of when you are faced with difficulty

Many people forget this.  They get dragged down in drama of their own creation.  They either bemoan the fact that life is hard as they plod through their calamities, or they simply give up and settle: all the while cursing the life that was handed to them.

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745: Perceiving Beauty : 4 Tips for Becoming Calmer

We are constantly told by media what is beautiful. But you do know that all that media wants to do is sell, right?  To them, beauty is shiny hair, a red sports car, a sexy thin girlfriend or tall dashing boyfriend.  

Beauty goes much much deeper.  In fact I would say that it is absent in those things I just mentioned unless you can see something different, perceive something different.  Beauty isn't something that is seen, it is felt.  But advertisers don't know that, or if they do, they are keeping it hidden because they have not found a way yet to have you truly feel beauty.

I may not have all the answers, but I am going to help you what is beautiful for you so that you can become calmer.

Things you will learn in this episode:

  • The advantages of being able to TRULY experience beauty
  • How to sense beauty without your eyes

Links from this episode:

How Do Philosophers Think about Beauty?


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744: The Ultimate Productivity Plan for Stress-Free Working

Today I was supposed to be joined by Nancy Colier who was going to talk about disconnecting from technology.  However, I had an unexpected emergency come up and had to reschedule.  For today, I am going to talk about how to have a stress free and productive work day.

I am going to talk about all the things necessary for planning, executing and reviewing a perfect day of work.

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743: No More Excuses: 5 Scientifically Proven Ways to Relieve Stress at Home

When you need to reduce your level of stress at work there are certain things you can do.  I talked about them yesterday.  Today I am going to talk about things you can do at home to reduce your level of stress.  

Why am I separating it that way?  It will become clear as the episode unfolds.  The good news is you now have ways to relax, regardless of where you are.  

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742: No More Excuses: 5 Scientifically Proven Ways to Relieve Stress at Work

Okay, I get it.  Not everyone knows how to meditate to relax.  But real quickly, learn.  if not from me from anyone who is qualified to teach.  Even if you don't know how to meditate you still have options for relieving stress, and i am going to go over them with you today.

This is not some cheesy thrown together list that has no backing or references.  The things I will talk about how been scientifically proven to reduce stress.  These methods impact your physiology and brain chemistry to get you to calm down.  It is you and your brain that is getting you revved up, so it stands to reason that your very same brain and body can get you unstuck.

Let's talk about it today.

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741: Write a Letter to Your Future Self in Order to Grow

I love epiphanies, and today I had a great one for all of us. I picked up a journal of mine and read what I had written some twenty years back.  Boy was it an eye opener.  I realized that some of the things I was stressing about never came to pass.  On a more positive note, I learned that who I was as a person back then was just as awesome as the person reading the journal today.  Not only was I kind and positive then, I am exponentially more giving and loving today.

Journals are a great way to time travel, and so is writing a letter to your future self.  it contains some of the ingredients of a journal entry and a bit more.

Today I read two articles: one about the benefits of writing such a letter, and the other how exactly to do it.

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