Episode 098 Creating Work-Life Balance Mentally

No person, no place and no thing has any power over us, for we are the only thinkers in our mind. When we create peace, harmony and balance in our minds, we will find it in our lives
— Lousie Hay

In the upcoming weeks I will definitely be addressing the different places you can get out of balance.  Today I want to focus on one exclusively, work-life balance.  Before you can enact any changes to better your life you need to see why you are fearful, unable to say no and have lacking self-esteem.

These mental barriers are the bsis for your imbalances.  Troubleshoot your mind and your behaviors will fall into place.

What is balance

The cornerstone of a happy life.  Balance is the feeling that you have when you are calm, clea-headed and not pulledin multiple directions.

Major Types of Balance

- Work-life balance - the equal distribution of your time between your work and family duties and desires.

- Internal-external Balance - the balnce of energy between taking care of your needs and the needs of others.

Minor balance Types



Self imrovement/Socializing

II Why do you work so hard

Fear - fear of being fired.  Fear that without the financial benefit of work you will perish or live impoverished.

The Inability to say no

Fear of Rejection

Fear of being outside the group

Fear of confrontation and fear of appearing difficult

Saying no in your mind may be perceived as not being a team member

Low Self-Esteem

Your feelingof self worth may be challenged if you continually put others needs ahead of your own.

Corporate Culture

- Getting more done is seen as heroic

- If you are taking a break you are see as unproductive

- You should be available at all times

- Your peers make their emergencies your emergencies

III Solutions


Long term - Realize that fear is an illusion.  Reality test your need for long hours.

 - Has someone said you don't work enough - or is that your perception?

Create a Work schedule and stick to it.

Create a 30 minutes buffer

 - before you leave each night, spend 30 minutes planning the next day.  No emails!

Learn to say No

 - Ask yourself why you are afraid to say no

 - Why are other peoples needs more important than your own

Quick hits

- "I can't right now but look at my schedule and find a time we can go over it."

Dont apologize.  Be firm and assertive.

Personal Side

Most people take family for granted.

- When you are home, be with your family exclusively.  Leave work at work

- Plan date nights throughout the week for your Significant other or your entire family - NO CANCELLING

 - Sign up for a hobby that costs money.  You will be less likely to cancel.


Question of the Day

What are your work hours?

Do you take your work home with you?


Action of the Day

Schedule a date with your kids, spouse or both.


Book Recommendation:

Work Life Balance: How to achieve maximum results and maintain a stress free life

By Arthur Joyce

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