A Beautiful Solution

Saving our Oceans - Providing Safe Water

Faucet face has so many wonderful reasons for doing the work they do and that is why I am one hundred percent behind their mission.  They want to lessen and eventually stop the amount of plastic that we create for bottles. More to the point they want to make sure that consumers are aware of how damaging plastics are to our environment. 

They also want to provide water for those in India.  Both of these goals can be achieved by purchasing a beautiful glass Faucet Face Bottle and refilling it each time you are in need of water.

This is the impact of plastic on our oceans

I shot this video today to help make it a little clearer.  To give you an idea of how huge massive a negative impact plastic bottles have on our planet and landfills, think of this.  The video I shot is an aisle of one grocery store in one city in the United States.  Multiply that by the number of stores in the country.  Then multiply that by countries with stores.  Here is the huge thing to think about.  This one store aisle will be replenished several times a week.  All that plastic has to go somewhere.  Unfortunately only a small percentage will be recycled.